Composer, Producer, Writer



  • Composer, arranger and orchestrator, writer, publisher and music producer, Marius DEVAUD was born in Zürich, grew up in Sion (Switzerland), and now lives in Geneva. In his youth, until the age of 23, Marius performed as a violinist, bassist, guitarist and singer in hundreds of popular balls, in rock, blues and pop concerts on international stages, in trendy clubs and dance halls in Switzerland, England, France, Italy, Greece and Luxembourg. 


  • From 23 to 30 years old, Marius studied classical music full time in the conservatories of Montreux, Sion and Geneva. He obtained a solid graduate training in the section of high musical studies, concerning writing techniques for symphonic music and chamber music, for opera, choirs and soloists, sacred music and film music. After having followed long studies in all branches of musical writing for a professional composer and orchestrator at the "Haute Ecole de Musique" in Geneva (HEM), he completed his training at the Berklee School in Boston (USA). Along with his schedule, he took an interest in philosophy, psychology, literature, poetry and production. While practicing transcendental meditation, he was particularly interested in humanism, mysticism, esotericism and the primordial tradition.
  • Marius has produced songs that have been popular with radio stations and has been interviewed by the French-speaking media. Marius also took care of the musical promotion of some Swiss composers, of several other artists, and of the Sidcup Symphony Orchestra for a concert tour in Switzerland, English orchestra whose president was Sir Edward Heath, ex Prime Minister of Great Britain. Marius has written and produced music for the stage, theater and films. His musical catalog includes a repertoire of several hundred titles and a catalog of video films he has produced. His literary catalog includes works he has written and published, such as "Le Trésor de Sion". Marius also composed, orchestrated and produced a 60-minute symphonic suite, entitled "Anima Mundi Ceremonial" which he recorded in the Hungaroton studios in Budapest (Hungary), with a 100-piece philharmonic orchestra: the prestigious Budapest Symphony Orchestra. After creating his own orchestra, "Marius Devaud Orchestra" and his own recording studio in a "Protools" environment, he composed and produced the music for several American films.
  • Soundtracks Composed, Performed and Produced who got Award-Winning.
  • Golden Palm Award 2016, Mexico International Film Festival for the film Hola America. 
  • Missouri Media Award 2016, San Diego (USA), for the film Hola America.
  • Golden Ace Award 2009, Las Vegas Film Festival (USA), Zombie Cheerleading Camp.  
  • Best Zombie Movie 2009, Louisville (USA), Nominated at Fright Night Film Festival.